17. August 2017

Introduction to OpenShift on Exoscale

OpenShift is to Kubernetes similar to what a Linux distribution is to the kernel. In this blogpost we show how to integrate OpenShift on Exoscale

14. July 2017

One Year of Techlabs in Retrospect

It has been a year since my first retrospection onto an APPUiO & OpenShift Techlab ; a year and fourteen additional techlabs. And as it’s common in such a long time, a lot of things have changed: OpenShift has meanwhile graduated to version 3.5 and its webinterface, compared to version 3.1 back then, has become a lot more powerful and intuitive. But then there are things that remained constant as well, not least among them the lively interest in our Techlabs.

27. February 2017

2-Day-Training: From Zero to Hero with Microservices

March 22 and March 23 2017 at VSHN AG, Neugasse 10, Zürich

13. February 2017

Mini Techlabs at the Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Zürich returns to Sihlcity Cinema on February 23rd, 2017. The entire developer community can meet and hear from some of the most inspiring speakers in our sector. Also APPUiO will be present. In our Mini Techlabs participants learn hands-on the key steps how applications are deployed to the cloud and how a container can be deployed und operated. voxxeddays.com/zurich/

13. January 2017

New APPUiO Pricing

Good news for 2017.

1. November 2016

APPUiO Launch Event

Wir feiern den Launch unserer Enterprise Container Platform. Kommen Sie vorbei, um mehr über APPUiO zu erfahren oder auch gleich live zu testen.

13. September 2016

APPUiO goes live

The Swiss container platform APPUiO is set to launch three new offers. Aside from Public PaaS, the platform will also be operated as a private Cloud or integrated into the client?s infrastructure. APPUiO is based on modern open source concepts such as Docker and Kubernetes and is operated via ISO-certified and FINMA-audited data centers in Switzerland.

12. September 2016

APPUiO & OpenShift Tech Labs in Bern and Zürich

Platform as a Service (PaaS) changes the way we develop software. Puzzle presents OpenShift V3 - the Container Platform by Red Hat - in a Tech Lab.