What is OpenShift and how does it work?

OpenShift is the Container platform by Red Hat. Since Version 3 OpenShift relies on proven Open Sourse projects such as Docker und Kubernetes.

How does one bring an application to APPUiO?

For the first steps we have created a TechLab and explain these at Getting Started.

Who is behind APPUiO?

The two DevOps specialists Puzzle ITC and VSHN AG are working closely together on APPUiO. VSHN focuses mainly on securing the operation, whereas Puzzle mainly engineers the platform and integrates this for clients where necessary.

Where can I find documentation for APPUiO?

Documentation can be found at docs.appuio.ch. This is generated from Github Repo and is updated regularly. Suggestions and additions are welcome anytime.

Where does APPUiO Public Platform run? Where are the data centers located?

The APPUiO Public Cloud is run on an IaaS platform by cloudscale.ch. The server is located in a data center e-shelter in R├╝mlang, Switzerland. For details check https://www.cloudscale.ch/en/about.

I am having trouble with my APPUiO project. Who can I contact?

For assistance, please contact support@appuio.ch or ask in our Community Chat.

Where can I find technical FAQs?

Technical questions are answered on our documentation page at docs.appuio.ch.