Managed Private APPUiO

Public Platform

Do you want to deploy your application on a Swiss cloud or are you in need of flexible, standardized development environments ? Use our APPUiO Public Platform.

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    APPUiO is operated in Swiss data centres certified to ISO27001 and in accordance with swiss banking regulators (FINMA) guidelines and is subject to Swiss law.

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    When using the APPUiO Public Platform you’re benefiting from SELinux, Federation Authentication and Let’s Encrypt. The newest Security Updates are applied regularly.

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    You’re getting personal support, as well as frequent maintenance and updates of servers. Backup and monitoring are part of the deal. Furthermore, our community is at your disposal in the chat.

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    By using our Self-Service portal you’re creating, resizing, deleting and managing your environments at the push of a button. You’re having full control over your platform.

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    Pay per Use

    Costs for the APPUiO Public Platform are calculated per hour. You only pay what you were actually using. There are no setup-costs.

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    Hybrid Cloud

    There are two availability-zones on the APPUiO Public Platform: One in Switzerland and another one on AWS in Germany, including use of their services.

Services Included

  • Backup and Monitoring

    We’re backing all relevant data up once a day. Additional, available resources are visible in the portal. On you can have a look at the current state of the Public Platform at all times.
  • TCP and UDP Traffic

    With APPUiO, it’s possible to route Non-HTTP-Traffic into Public Clusters. This allows for customer IPs to be bound to services and provide for example databases, LDAP servers or SSH services publicly.
  • Let’s Encrypt Certificates

    APPUiO enables you to configure valid SSL-certificates signed by “Let’s Encrypt" into your routes at the push of a button. Once successfully registered, APPUiO automatically takes care of updating the certificates (that have a validity period of three months) when necessary.
  • Secure Docker Builds

    Our platform allows for the running of Docker Image Native as Docker Build. To achieve this, we extracted the build-environment.Builds are running in dynamically created, strictly separated VMs per client apart from the cluster. Additionally to our secure builds, our extension enables Docker Multi-Stage Builds. These help to optimise Dockerfiles and make them both simpler and easier to read.
  • Managed Services

    There is a first platform software, which were offering on our Public Platform as a service. We’re building the software according to your wishes and are operating it a a managed service:
    - 3 Scale API Management (Beta): API Management solution by Red Hat.
    - database as a service: manually: Postgresql, Mariadb, Mysql
    - WaF as a Service basierend auf Apache mod_sec (Beta)
  • Persistent Storage (File based-, Blockstorage)

    As of late, APPUiO Public offers two kinds of persistent storage: In addition to the file-based one, our new storage type “Blockstorage” is now in Public Beta. It can be mounted into the the container and is of type “ReadWriteOnce (RWO)” (where the once means it can only be mounted into a single container) and especially useful for database volumes.

Shared vs. Dedicated Platform

Our APPUiO Public Platform exists on shared infrastructure or as a dedicated node for you alone. Choose between the two offers depending on your needs.

  • Shared

    Order your Public Platform in our Self-service portal on shared infrastructure. You’re receiving an OpenShift project with memory at discretion.

    Order Shared
  • Dedicated

    Do you want to manage your projects autonomously? Then chose our APPUiO Dedicated product. You can create as many projects as you’d like, starting at 16GB Memory.

    Order Dedicated

Choose the package that's right for you:

  • CPU:
  • Price

    per day (excl. VAT)
    per 30 days (excl. VAT)

(At best a Dedicated Node makes sense for you)

  • A simple website with little traffic
  • Minimal CakePHP application with a small database
  • Microservice, Go, Node.JS, Springboot, Ruby, PHP, .Net, Python
  • More complex website, for example using PHP and a database
  • CakePHP application with a medium sized database
  • two highly available instances of a micro service
  • Keycloak with database
  • Complex applcation with several services
  • Jenkins build server
  • several instances of a highly available micro service, e.g. four instances at the same time
  • Complex java application
  • Java EE applications JBoss EAP deployed with database
  • Complex applications with heavy load and databases
  • Highavailable databases
  • Micro-Service Architecture of several services
  • Jenkins build infrastructure with multiple buildnodes

CPU resources are normalized as KCU (Kubernetes Compute Units), and CPU 1000m approximately represent one single hyperthreaded CPU Core.

Additional Services

  • SLA Office Hours
  • Support times: 09:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00 Uhr (5x8), Reaction time: 2h, Availability: 99%
  • included
  • SLA Office Hours Plus
  • Support times: 08:00-20:00 Uhr (5x12), Reaction time: 2h, Availability: 99,3%
  • according to the arrangement
  • SLA 7x24
  • Support times: 7x24, Reaction time: 1h, Availability: 99,5%
  • according to the arrangement
  • Persistent Storage
  • per GB/day
  • 0.0935 CHF
  • TCP und UDP Ingress
  • pro Service/Tag
  • 0.35 CHF

Frequently Asked Questions

How does billing work in detail?

The maximum amount of memory in MB within the last hour is multiplied by the price per hour. All hours in a month are then added up to receive the final price per month.

Where is APPUiO Public hosted?

There are two APPUiO Public Platform locations. Data is stored either with or at AWS Frankfurt according to customer’s preferences.

What is monitored?

The cluster as a whole as well as each indiviual component is constantly monitored. Monitoring of your own application can be ordered additionaly.

What is backupped?

The whole cluster, all objects and data on the Persistent Storage is backupped. There are no application-consistent backups and restores by our support will incur cost expenditures.

What are the support hours of operation?

During these time frames, support is provided by phone and/or e-mail. Customers receive the direct support phone number of VSHN. The team member responsible for support cases will acknowledge reception of the support case to a e-mail address to be defined by the customer.

SLA: What's the response time?

The response time starts the moment we are informed about the support case and relates to the period until support will be provided. The response time defines the time frame between reception of the support case and start of analysis work on the problem. Example: The customer informs us about problem at 16:00. With SLA model "A", work on that support case will start at the latest at 17:00 the next day.

What is "guaranteed availability"?

Not during announced maintenance work, excluding customer errors, reachable according to monitoring, similarly to VSHN's terms and conditions.


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The contract period is currently one year.
Please refer to our service conditions.