APPUiO & OpenShift Techlabs in Berne, Zurich & Basel

Platform as a Service (PaaS) changes the way we develop software. Puzzle presents OpenShift V3 - the Container Platform by Red Hat - in a Techlab.

Participants learn the key steps hands-on way, learning how applications are deployed to the cloud, and how a container on a PaaS can be deployed and operated.

With OpenShift IT processes are automated and deployment of IT-Services can be streamlined. Techlabs touch on the following subjects:

Hands on Workshop

  • Setting up CLI
  • Quicktour through OpenShift V3
  • Deploying the first application
  • Advanced CLI Commands
  • Creating routes
  • Scaling applications
  • Deploying and connecting databases
  • Direct integration of code changes via Webhook
  • Linking and using Persistent Storage for database
  • Application templates


Time: 14.00 to 17.30h
Location: Either Neugasse 10 in Zurich or Belpstrasse 37 in Berne

Participation is free of charge. Please bring your own laptop for the lab. Number of places is limited.