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APPUiO is the leading Kubernetes based Container Platform for the design, development and operation of applications. Based on reliable Open Source concepts, such as Docker and Kubernetes APPUiO supports the DevOps approach. Development, deployment and operation processes are accelerated through automation and self-service. The cooperation between software developers and business organization is also improved.

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22. September 2021

Introducing The New APPUiO Cloud

We are thrilled to announce APPUiO Cloud, the new member of the APPUiO family of products. APPUiO Cloud is the heir to the successful APPUiO Public PaaS (Platform as a Service) product in service since 2016.


22. July 2021

Acrevis und APPUiO

Vor kurzer Zeit tauchte APPUiO in die Welt der Lagunen ein. Wunderschön eingebunden und doch offen in Richtung Meer – wir sind begeistert. Was diese Story mit unserer Partnerschaft mit acrevis und dem Bankensektor zu tun hat, erfährst du in dieser …


24. March 2021

Self-Managed add on: 3rd Level Support

Auch bei Kubernetes-Plattformen kann es gelegentlich zu unerwarteten, technischen Zwischenfällen kommen. Unternehmen sollten daher stets in der Lage sein, Lösungen für neue Problemstellungen zu finden und diese auch zeitnah zu implementieren. APPUiO …

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Current Events

We look forward to meeting you at one of our many events.


OpenShift Techlab No. 47

13:30 to 17:00 The OpenShift Techlab will be conducted remotely.


AMM Techlab No. 8

09:00 to 17:30 The Application Migration and Modernization Techlab will be conducted remotely.



You would like to deploy your productive applications as fast as possible into a Swiss cloud?

  • Shared or Dedicated
  • Start immediately
  • Operated Platform
  • Backup & Monitoring
    Maintenance & Updates
  • Community Chat
  •, AWS Frankfurt,, Swisscom DCS+
  • Support during office hours
  • Training for developers*


You would like to have a private container platform in the cloud of your choice or On-Premise and not having anything to do with setup and operation?

  • Setup & Operation Managed Private Cluster
  • -
  • Operated Platform
  • Backup & Monitoring
    Maintenance & Updates
  • Community Chat
  • Free choice of IaaS or on-premises
  • 24 x 7 proactive and reactive*
  • Training for developers*


You would like to build and operate your own container platform but you lack the required know-how or capacity?

  • Development of Private Cluster and Know-how
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Community Chat
  • Free choice of IaaS or on-premises
  • 3rd Level Support*
  • Training for developers and operations*


  • Fast time-to-market

    Fast time-to-market

    With APPUiO, you can automate the building, testing and deployment of your applications. Additionally, you save time in relation to monitoring and updates. Releases become easy.

  • Foster collaboration

    Foster collaboration

    APPUiO facilitates cooperation between Developers and Operations with Continous Delivery and it’s Selfservice-Infrastructure. Applications can be deployed and operated by yourself.

  • Consistent and open

    Consistent and open

    The development environment on your laptop is looking different from the production environment? With APPUiO all environments are standardised. OpenSource software and open standards are the foundation of our platform.

  • Self-Service


    It only takes a few seconds from ordering your own platform to using it. And yet you’re independent of other teams and persons and in full control. Start you very own Container platform right now!

  • High security standards

    High security standards

    APPUiO is using SELinux, Let’s Encrypt and offers Federation Authentication (LDAP connection). Data on the Public Platform is stored in ISO-certificated data-centres in Switzerland.

  • Reduce costs

    Reduce costs

    When using APPUiO, no internal costs for setting up a platform or acquiring know-how are generated. Costs are always transparent and can be controlled and adapted on our portal at all times.

More than Container

With APPUiO you can choose between the two Kubernetes distributions Red Hat OpenShift and Rancher. These help you bring your applications into the cloud, increase productivity and promote innovation.

APPUiO offers three different ways to support you in building and/or operating a container platform. Benefit from the long experience of our specialists to integrate either OpenShift or Rancher with all its add-ons and services into your business.


One-Stop Solution

We’re accompanying our customers all along the value creation chain of both their platform and application – from planning via installation to operations. Additionally, we’re glad to assist you with our long-standing experience with container technologies. All collaboration is organized modular and our services can be procured individually or bundled. We’re not only providing help with architectures, setup and operations, but also offer 3rd-Level-support, professional training for both operating and monitoring OpenShift, Rancher and other container solutions as well as consulting all around the topics of “Moving Apps to the Cloud”, “DevOps-Automation” and much more.



Our Community is the centrepiece. APPUiO features a community chat to exchange ideas with like-minded engineers and with the APPUiO-team. APPUiO is entirely built on Open Source-components. We assume the same kind of openness by providing our documentation and code to the community. Together, Open Sourced software, open standards and openly available documentation guarantee supplier-independence to the highest possible extent and protect you from vendor lock-in. Come join and become part of our community!



We’re continually improving APPUiO and developing additional features. These extensions are provided to all our customers as Add-Ons and help with integration. Currently, the following Add-Ons are available:

    • Backup, Monitoring and Logging of Applications
    • Secure Docker Builds (Multi Stage Support)
    • TCP Traffic
    • Managed Services (3Scale, WAF, DB and more)
    • CI/CD & application operation
    • Application Data Backup with K8up


APPUiO offers two well-established Kubernetes distributions which optimally cover different requirements for a container orchestration platform. In addition to the well-known Kubernetes features, both distributions offer additional functions and tools, which have been enhanced by the integration and combination of cloud-native products. Through a careful evaluation, APPUiO will help you to decide which of the Kubernetes distributions is right for you.

  • OpenShift


    The focus of Red Hat OpenShift is on a full-stack Kubernetes platform. The platform provides end-to-end enterprise support from the operating system to the container platform to middleware applications. The OpenShift ecosystem already includes many tools to that help you with software development.

  • Rancher


    The focus of Rancher is to simplify the operation of Kubernetes on any infrastructure, both on-premises and cloud platforms. For this purpose Rancher Labs has developed the Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE), a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution. Rancher provides a central web and API-based multi-cluster management platform.


With APPUiO, you’re creating new environments at the push of a button. There’s a multitude of Technologies and Platforms available right “out of the Box”. Docker, the foundation on which APPUiO is built, brings along a whole ecosystem of additional runtime environments and frameworks.

  • Kubernetes


    On APPUiO, you orchestrate and manage your containers with Kubernetes by Google. You define how many of your application instances should run in parallel and Kubernetes then takes care of scaling, load balancing and stability.

  • Docker


    Docker is the open platform for developers, sysadmins and their applications. With APPUiO, simply select the Docker-image based on your needs and the technology you want to use. OpenShift automatically creates an updated Docker-container after every build, and can even deploy it on your behalf.

images/technologies/001 Java.svg


images/technologies/002 Spring.svg


images/technologies/003 Wildfly.svg


images/technologies/004 Ruby.svg


images/technologies/005 Ruby on Rails.svg

Ruby on Rails

images/technologies/006 PHP.svg


images/technologies/007 Perl.svg


images/technologies/008 Python.svg


images/technologies/009 Nodejs.svg


images/technologies/010 JBoss EAP.svg


images/technologies/011 JBoss Fuse Integration Services.svg

JBoss Fuse Integration Services

images/technologies/012 JBoss A-MQ.svg

JBoss A-MQ

images/technologies/013 JBoss Data Grid.svg

JBoss Data Grid

images/technologies/014 ASP.NET (Techpreview).svg

ASP.NET (Techpreview)

images/technologies/015 PostgreSQL.svg


images/technologies/016 MySQL.svg


images/technologies/017 MongoDB.svg


What customers say about APPUiO


„APPUiO provides us with OpenShift-Experts who support us with their long-standing experience at any time.“

Matthias Summer, System Engineer
@Adcubum AG


„It’s not only us benefiting from APPUiO, but our end customers as well.“

Bastian Widmer, System Engineer


„APPUIO was our stepping stone into the cloud. The security, flexibility and competence convinced us and our customers.“

Dieter Joho, Lead IT-Dev
@HRM Systems AG


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